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            Mark David is an Award Winning American Cinematographer with over 21 years behind the camera. He has lensed over 25 features and countless music videos and commercials. Over the years he has been the go-to Director of Photoghraphy for Indie filmmakers who want their films to have an epic and manicured look, comparable to mainstream studio cinema.   

            Having captured images on every visual format from Anamorphic 35mm Film to 8K  RED digital formats and Arri Alexa Digital cinema, Mark is a versatile filmmaker who works quickly and efficiently to achieve the look and feel that the director desires for their project.

            Mark has worked with many Oscar Winners and Nominees in front of his lens. Very dedicated and passionate, Mark enjoys the challenge of handling time and budget restraints gracefully; he and his camera crew are reliable and deliver the finest results, making the on set experience an extremely enjoyable and productive event.


PHONE NUMBER: +1 (213) 361-4665



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